Questions to ask your wedding planner
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Questions To Ask Your Wedding Planner

There are a lot of things involved in putting together a perfect wedding. In our busy life, it is not always possible to plan our wedding while working five days a week. Having a professional wedding planner can take a lot of  hassle off of your head. They know what they are doing. They have experienced planning several wedding. 


Although, wedding planners do everything on your behalf, there are still things you would want to clarify before the wedding. There should be no confusion ahead. Miscommunication can lead to issues on the wedding day. Trouble on the wedding day is the last thing you want.


We have put together a list of questions you should ask your wedding planner so you are both on the same page. 


1. What parts of wedding they won’t handle?

A wedding planner handles almost every aspect of the wedding. They look after decorations, caterers, menu finalization, hiring staff, buying flowers etc. They hold meetings with vendors, they send out emails and reminders. There is hardly anything they don’t handle. However, it is always safe to ask what they won’t handle before you sign a contract. For example, they might not handle managing your guest list. Talking to your guests might be awkward for them as a stranger. They might also not want to get involved in wedding dress selection and fitting. It is always better to talk about the responsibilities so there is no space for misunderstanding. 


2. How many meetings they need to hold to sort everything out?

It takes more than four to five meetings to discuss everything in detail. There are a lot of things that your you and the wedding planners need to discuss about. The colour theme of decoration, the type of flower, the menu of food, cost management and many other things are to be discussed with the wedding planner. The wedding planner will tell the timing of the meeting, weather it would be on a weekend or weekday. Weather she would come to you or you would have to go to her office. The wedding planners may ask for your suggestions and ideas before making any huge purchase. Make sure to discuss about the number of meetings needed, possible day of the week and possible time and place for the meetings.


3. Will they be available to take calls and reply to emails?

Most wedding planners are available to answer all your queries at any time of the day. However, it is best to discuss the specifics. Many planners do not take calls due to their busy schedule, whereas others prefer calls over emails. Ask them who would be your point of contact. Would there be an assistant? Or the planner himself or herself. Can you call them during any hour or do you need to wait until a certain time of the day? Make everything clear about the communication part of the planning. 


Not everything will come to you while you are in the meeting. There might be things you want to add or take out later on. You need to make sure you communicate everything with the planners. 


4. Do they do everything by themselves or do they appreciate your suggestions?

Your wedding should reflect your personality. However, wedding planners know what works best. They are after all the professionals, they have all the knowledge. Ask them if you can suggest them your views. If they will entertain your ideas. Try not to interject too much into their work but a healthy amount will make your wedding something you have always dreamed about. 


5. Will they be present on the day of the wedding to take care of everything?

Most wedding planners are present on the wedding day even though their most planning is done before the wedding. However, to make sure everything goes smoothly someone must be present on the wedding day from the planners. Ask them if they will be present and actively take control of everything on the wedding day. If they say no, either insist they do or change planners.


6. How many staff is required? How much experience do they have working in a wedding?

Staff is the most important aspect of a smooth wedding. And staffing is the least people know about. It is not possible for you know how many staff will be required on the day of the wedding. The number of staff vary according to the number of guests you will be inviting. Your wedding planner will have a clear idea about the exact numbers.


The duties, number of hours, and payouts are all taken care of by the wedding planners. 

Ask all the specifics to the wedding planners including the staff experience with working in weddings.


7. How is the payment made?

Make sure to ask about the payment method. Do they take direct bank deposits? Do they take cash? Do they take checks? Make sure to ask before you assume anything.


Also make sure to ask how much they take in advance and how much after the marriage. Many times planners take advance amounts for hiring vendors. Do any negotiation before the planners start working on your wedding. Negotiations later on are unprofessional and are not fair to the wedding planners.


8.What is the cancellation policy?

Always make sure to ask about the cancellation policy. Cancellations are very rare but not impossible. There may be any reason to cancel your wedding. You are paying a huge sum of money to the wedding planner and if you are not taking their services there should always be some sort of cancellation policy. 


9.  How much everything will cost?

Money is a big factor for everyone, you and the people working for you, both. Do not take up a wedding planners with blind eyes. Do price comparison, compare level of service and experience before you settle down on one. Ask them how much everything will cost, usually giving an exact amount is not easy but they can provide an estimate value. Get a breakdown down on the money. Who they are paying and how much. Also know their fees separately. 


10. Will they handle all rental services?

A big wedding needs lots of renting. The decorations, the furniture, serving staff, cleaning staff, caterining, limousine, bridesmaid’s dresses etc. Make sure the wedding planners handle every aspect of renting services. They should be the one to hold meetings with them. They should follow up with them. They should make sure the staff comes in time, works properly, and gets paid.


11. What if you are unable to be there on the wedding?

As mentioned above it is extremely important that the wedding planners be present on the day of the wedding. They should take care of everything on the wedding day, make sure the wedding goes smoothly. They should stay until the last guest leaves. 


Make sure to talk about the possibility of them not being able to make to the wedding. It shouldn’t happen but if it does what should be the next action. They should have more than one person who could come to the wedding to take care of everything. It shouldn’t one person’s responsibility alone. They should always have a backup plan. 


12. Do they have personal liability and professional indemnity insurance?

Make sure the vendors have personal liability and professional indemnity insurance for your and their safety. 


13. Do you get commission to refer us to certain vendors?

Many times Wedding Planners work with vendors and get commission when they refer you to them. There is no harm in it. As long as you are getting value for money it shouldn’t be a problem. However, a price and service comparison should be done before you sign the contract. For decorators see their past records and for caterers taste all the food item in the menu. 


Once you are satisfied only then say yes to the vendors referred by the wedding planners.


14. Do we pay the vendors directly or we pay you?

Ask the wedding planners if they take all the money for the vendors staff, decorations, cooks, catering services etc. Or do you need to pay the individual vendor and then pay your fees separately. There are pros and cons for both ways. If you pay the wedding planners they might overcharge but you wouldn’t have to take the headache. 


15. Is there any additional fees you should know about?

Hidden fees are the biggest fear of many people. Weddings are expensive and many people work on a budget. Being surprised by hidden bills is not fun. Always make sure to know about all the places you need to pay. Ask multiple times if there are any other place you need to spend money. Ask about additional payments, hidden charges. If you see anything which is charged more talk it out with the planners. 

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