How To Plan A Budget Wedding
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How To Plan A Budget Wedding

You have said ‘yes’ to your man now it’s time to get married. Perfect wedding is a dream of every man and woman. You want everyone to remember what would be the most important day of your life. Unfortunately, wedding can put a big hole in your pocket. Wedding shopping are often more expensive than normal everyday shopping. Wedding cakes, wedding flowers, add wedding in front of anything and the cost will double down. You can’t be spending all your savings on that one day when you will have so many responsibilities up ahead. Maybe, you plan to buy a house, maybe you plan to shift to a new city, or you want a baby and so on. 

Luckily there are many ways you can get a great wedding without having to shower down money. 


We have put together a perfect list to plan a wedding on a budget


1. It’s The Age For E-Invitations

As much as we like those beautiful and artistically printed wedding invitations, they come at a cost. A high cost at that. The world is becoming digital so instead of sending invitations to each person through postal service go for e-invitations. 


There are many professionals who are trained to make innovative e-invitation. The e-invitations can be personally made for each individual with a small note for each person. 


E-invitations can be more innovative with videos and amazing visual effects. They can have map links to find the venue and a reply option as well.


Sending out e-invitations can cut down on the printing and postage cost of traditional invitation process. 


2. Know What You Want

Visualize how you want your wedding to look. Often times we are not sure what we want and we spread our limbs out in every direction. There are many things, such as flowers, drapes, certain food items that are ultimately not included in the wedding but are paid for during planning. 


It usually happens when you are not sure what you want and you get everything.


Don’t let that happen to you. Know your priorities. Don’t invest on anything you will not need. 


Have a clear idea of the type of decoration you want, the type of food you want, your wedding clothes, makeup and everything else. Discuss with someone and make a clear list. Give it a day then go over all the things you have jolted down again. It will give you a fresh look and you can cut down anything you don’t need. 


3. Skip Little Things

When you and your family is overwhelmed by wedding emotions, it is very easy for people to extract money from you. Little extra things that can otherwise go unnoticed are added, to bill you more. 


Such examples are- napkins. A flower printed napkin may cost you more than a simple white one, when no one will ever notice such a mundane thing. 


Other things include guest favours, bathroom basket, a special cake knife are some of the many things that can be used as a cheaper alternative. Know that you are not reducing the quality of service by cutting down costs on this. There are more important things you can invest on than the frugal things that increase your bill unnecessarily. 


4. Flowers

Wedding flowers can cost twice as much as normal flowers. Try to buy less of them. There are few places you can’t skin flowers, like the altar and the aisle. However, for centerpiece of the table you can skin a whole bouquet of flowers and go for only one. Also, there are better alternatives of flowers, ask your decorator or place a single flower in a narrow vase. It looks elegant without costing too much. 


Try to determine the exact number of flowers, try not to buy too extra that will go in waste. 


5. Photographer

Photographers often charge per hour. Try to do all the professional photo taking early on the wedding day. Try to gather everyone for photos during ceremony time to dinner hour. Send off the photographers home after that. For dance and party ask your friends to take as many photos as possible and email or text it to you later. You can announce a prize for the best photograph to encourage your friends. 


6. Limousines

Renting Limousines especially for a wedding comes at a high price. You can ask a close friend to drive you two around. Also, there are several stylish cars available for renting which do not have the wedding tag on it but will look equally good. Ask someone of Rent such a stylish car use it for your wedding. It can save you a lot of money. 


7. Second Hand Items

There is no shame in using second hand items in wedding. The things used in weddings are often too costly and are used only once. Many women sell their wedding dresses, shoes, and jewellery on online websites. They are in brand new condition and costs less than half of the original price. Keep an eye out for sale of such items and buy those if you can. 


8. Rent, Don’t Buy

There are several things you can use by renting instead of buying. If you are not big on hoarding your wedding dress, try renting one. Tux and woman wedding dresses are both rentable on various platforms. Search online for such platforms and rent the items.


Wedding decorations are often rented as well, like the table decorations, alter drapes and various other decorative items. If you are planning your wedding on your own buying might seem like an easy option but renting can cut down on cost.


9. Try To Use Resources

You can save a lot of money if you use resources. You might know someone who knows someone who can help you hire a decorator at a less price. Post on facebook for people who want to help for wedding. You might have a friend who is good with baking, ask them to bake your wedding cake. Your wedding cake does not have to be heavily decorated, even simple decoration can make your cake look good. 


Ask your friend if they can help you with dress fitting. You can save a lot taking a friend’s help rather than going to a wedding dress fitters who charge almost twice. 


If you have a friend who is great with makeup, ask her to help you with makeup on your wedding day. 


10. Choose An Unconventional Date

An easy trick to save money on venue renting is choosing an unconventional day on the week. The people who matter to you, like your family and friends wouldn’t mind taking a day off to attend your wedding. 


Wedding Venues usually charge more during the peak days, like Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. On the weekdays the demand is less so they lower the cost. Use a weeknight, and you can cut down at least one third on the venue cost.


11. Cut Short On The Guest List

If it was up to you, you would invite the whole town to come to your wedding. It is obvious you want to share this moment of happiness with everyone. But cutting down the number of guests can save you a lot of money. For a budget wedding, you should choose only people you absolutely want it your wedding. A small group of people is often more satisfactory than a room full of people half of which you don’t even remember the faces of. 


12. Do A Home Wedding

Wedding venues often cost a lot. If you have space in your house try yo do a home wedding. Look for ideas to manage space for dinner, wedding ceremony and cocktail party in your backyard, front yard and inside the house. Ask for friend’s help to set everything up. 


13. Always Do Price Comparisons

While looking for wedding vendors, like decorators and caterers it is recommended to do some price comparison. There are people who simply charge you more because they have other customers lined for the same date. Look around for different vendors and compare prices. There are indie wedding vendors who are trying to prove themselves in the market, try to hire them. If your wedding is a small one, an indie wedding planner can cut down on lots of money. 

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